India was expected to get a gymnastics medal, but India suffered a shock when Deepa Karmakar's artistic team withdrew from the final. In fact, the reason for this is their knee injury, which has re-emerged. Deepa's coach Bishneshwar Nandi told reporters that there was a risk of a serious injury and he could not perform his best. We will give him rest in the team event, but he (Balancing) will certainly do well in the Beam final.

Nandi was asked if participating in Beam Finalists would have an adverse effect on the knee, she said, no, 'landing' is not difficult in the balance beam. Dipa started crying because of injury due to injury. He has blamed the shock that took place during the podium exercise and said that he will repay it in the finals of Balancing Beam. Due to the dangerous 'Prudunova' vault in Rio 2016, Deepa had attracted the attention of people all over the world but Deepa could not make it to the final of her favorite competition here.