Went ahead and bought some Scorum during the dip.

Was looking to buy a lot more, but with the market being the way it is and the turnover being rather low, was only able to get some 5K Scorum.

Powered it all up.

When "investing" in a crypto token, then that is what I do.

I am not a classic trader.

Although that doesn't mean I hold onto the tokens forever, it simply means that I do my bit to help the process along. Especially in this ecosystem which is very clear to me.

Learning the ropes on Steem shall definitely help me along the way here too.

I really see a great potential for Scorum, with its specific market and the fact that in that market it is clear to everyone how "Tokens = Business" and the "Blockchain = community".

So, no matter what the case, I have now managed to set myself up for a nice little experience ahead of me here and hope that with my own example, others may power up some extra Scorum too.

;) Talk is cheap, one has to walk the walk!

I guess this post here is PART #2 of my "Introduction Post".

Making it clear that I am here to be a part of this and not to just "grab what can be grabbed".

Look forwards to the future of this place.


Yours truly