Everyone search in internet for the news in sports and today globally there are almost 1.3 Million people who search in internet for sports news and betting sites. Enhancing, the topic I would like to give the websites and the links in which you can visit the site and get sports news. There are almost more than 50+ Sites which are giving legal and original data related to sports. So, Let's start..

All this sites which I am going to relevant are the most usable and majority of audience use this sites for their knowledge and blogging purpose. I suggest you people to use this sites in scorum.


We need a signup process and before visiting ESPN official page with google or Facebook. It gives best site performance in 2018 as per survey. It has almost 34,129,601 followers in twitter. It covers the topic related to NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football and Many more topic related to it.

Website :- www.espn.com

 2. Sporting news- Globally sports news data

After ESPN second comes the Sporting news which is very famous for sports and I prefer the news  from sportingnews.com. It gives us more than 150+ posts per week and reveals the data correctly. There are more than 202,556 twitter followers who read their news. It covers almost all sports news and try to expand the news for their users.

Website:- www.sportingnews.com

3. Sky Sports- A london based site

Sky post is very famous and it almost publish more than 160+ posts in a week about different games like NFL, MLB, FOOTBALL, CRICKET.. and MANY MORE. Sky sports has more than 4,795,721 twitter follower and more than 11,599,263 Facebook fan. Which shows itself the popularity of the site being globally used. It also has some interesting design of website where audience may feel some interest to read.


4. Sportskeeda- A famous site foe especially Indian users

I also prefer to gain the world's sports knowledge from sportskeeda and Because its my native language i use to read the articles from here. Sportskeeda is a Indian based site and it is globally supported and there are almost 88,987 Twitter follower and 4,527,424 Facebook fan. It generates almost 168 posts per week and it is the top sports site in Indian which is in New Delhi.

Website:- www.sportskeeda.com

5. Sports on Earth- Site support fast news coverage

Sports on earth is a globally supported site and it gives it service to their fans for 24/7 and works regularly. It has more than 32,463 twitter follower and 28,763 Facebook fan.But it covers only 25 posts per week but gives the depth description of the news. It gives the live scores and overview of live matches only. It name has recently change and it is being given in the below picture. its now www.mlb.com

Website:- www.sportsonearth.com

The above sites are the best sites for finding the news on sports and I would recommended you to use the site if you like and all this site are real and legit. The sites which are mentioned above are working and giving their service 24/7 and we can get almost all type of news at above sites related to spots and live scores. There is also a very famous site which covers live news and tips and tricks for betting purpose.The site i am saying is www.crickbuzz.com

For more information and Top 50 sports news website are given in the below link:- Top 50 websites for sports news