Palembang - Bowling is one of the sports competitions competed in the 2018 Asian Games. This sport has attracted a lot of attention from the audience. Not only the match, the beauty of the athletes who competed also became the main attraction.

Syaidatul Afifah From Malaysia

Syaidatul Afifah, for example. The gold medal winner for Malaysia was sold out after reporters. To the media crew, Afifah claimed to have played bowling since the age of 10 years.

"I have been in the national team for 10 years," said Afifah.

Afifah claimed to be involved in the bowling world because of his father. The 27-year-old athlete said he often joined his father who likes bowling. "I used to go along with my father. Daddy played bowling too and bowling was very popular in Malaysia," said Afifah.

Besides Afifah, there are also Dyan Coronation from the Philippines. Athletes who play bowling since the age of 12 years admitted that they enjoyed playing in Indonesia. "I am happy to represent Indonesia in the Philippines. The people are friendly and your service is extraordinary," said Dyan.

Dyan Coronacion

Furthermore, Dyan also praised one of the Indonesian dishes he tasted at the Dining Hall 2018 Asian Games athlete. "I like fried rice because I like spicy food," said Dyan.

Che Weng Si 

A different story comes from Che Weng Si, an athlete from Macau. Che's beauty made her the target audience for taking pictures.

Che admitted this was the second time he had come to Indonesia. "Two or three years ago I have been to Jakarta to join the competition," Che said. The 21-year-old athlete also said he had no problems with the hot Palembang weather. "The weather here is similar to that in Macau, hot," he said.

Source: Atlit-alit boling