Checking in with my Scorum friends with a personal blog update for the month of May. I discuss where I’ve been and what to expect next from me.

Everyone knows the adage, when it rains it pours, and there’s a reason why we all know it. It’s often both literally and figuratively true. Typical, I suppose, of Spring, at least where I live, that there is lots of rain this time of year. The cold winter days are long gone, not even wisps of cool breezes are left in its wake. All of it gone, and its place Spring comes, sun and rain. Sometimes at the same time. The air damp, perfect for everything to grow, even storms, but also delicate flowers.

But everything must endure the rain.

Back Home to Indiana

Rockville, Indiana

My almost two-month Scorum absence began with a short trip back to my hometown in Indiana. Some of you know, although I live on the east coast now, I grew up in rural Indiana, where my family and many friends still remain. I hadn’t been home in over a year and was looking forward to seeing everyone.

Flying home to Indiana is always a bittersweet experience. On one hand, I’m so excited to see my family and friends. Many of them are not able to make it out to see me. I have a nephew and nieces who grow like spring weeds whenever I see them.

But on the other hand, I have never missed Indiana and its…let’s say…old-line thinking, and in that regard, I am disappointed more and more each time I go home. There is a reason I don’t live there anymore, though many of my loved-ones do. That’s on them. Regardless, my trip back home went largely without a hitch, but while I was there, I was too busy with family and friends for Scorum. No more explanation on the topic need needed.

The Death of a Drive

inside of my computer with new drive

On the very day I was flying home, I woke up to find that my hard drive in my PC had died. I expected it was getting close, as it was an old 500 gig spin drive. It had been making odd noises for months prior, but the time of its death couldn’t have been worse.

During my trip to Indiana I had a nagging feeling about my computer and if I was going to be able to salvage some data off the drive. I do have external drives that some of my data was backed up on while some data was saved to the cloud.

However, I didn't have any of my more recent (within the last 6 months) Scorum worked backed up, and I ended up losing all of it. None of the data was salvageable off the drive. It was a real setback.

Lucky I was able to upgrade to a solid-state drive. Although I loss a decent amount of work on that drive and some personal pictures, in the end I’ve ended up with an upgrade. SSD drives are the way to go. It’s made doing everything on my PC faster. By far the best single-handed PC upgrade you can do.

April Showers & May Flowers

broken tree hanging over my house

The real test of patience didn’t come until just last weekend when Mother Nature had a surprise for me. Some of you might remember me writing about the Hurricane Florence in September last year and the damage it had done to my new house. It all resulted in us having to get a new roof that was finally installed just a month or ago.

As Spring often does, this year it brought lots of thunderstorms and even a few tornadoes to my area, which is not all that common, and with all that high wind, it snapped a tree in half in my back yard. Just as the sun was setting that day, a thunderstorm rolled in, and to my surprise, the tree snapped and dangled right over our new roof. I was fear struck.

In the end we were very lucky. The tree next to the fallen one had caught the dead tree and stopped it from hitting our house. The very next day, over the weekend, a team of two guys came out and took the tree down. We were a few hundred dollars poorer, but our new roof was spared. What a relief.

What’s in Store

I hated being away from Scorum for so long, but as life often does, it had other plans in store for me. In the end, I was lucky that my trip went fine, that I was able to fix my computer and that our house was spared from major damage, so take this as merely an explanation of where I’ve been and not me lodging a complaint with the World.

As for the next few weeks, my hope is to get back into the swing of things here on Scorum. I should be on every day. Also I’ll be on Telegram, so please hit me up on there if you want to chat with me.

I’m not sure what content I’ll be making over the next week(s). With all the European leagues coming to an end, I’m curious what effect that will have on BetScorum and on the blogging platform. There’ll be ample time and resources to dedicate to other leagues and sports during the European off season. Here’s to hoping we can keep Scorum thriving during the down time.


~~see you in the comments~~