Hurricane Dorian Quick Update - Where I've Been - North Carolina Life

Eastern North Carolina can be a dangerous place to live this time of year. Some of you will recall me writing a similar post to this one almost exactly one year ago when Hurricane Florence directly hit North Carolina.

Here we are a year late, Hurricane Dorian just passed over our house. And just like last year, the week before was spent preparing for the storm and getting things sorted out.

Not only is my home in the direct path of the Hurricane, we also have to contend with our rental place out at Cape Hatteras. Every year in September my family spends several weeks in Hatteras, and once again this year, we were under mandatory evacuation off the island.

Hurricane Dorian’s Destruction

Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian | Source

Despite what damage there was, everyone here in North Carolina were extremely lucky compared to those in the Bahamas who took the full brunt of this hurricane. Last year, Florence directly hit North Carolina at full force, but this year, Dorian wound its way through the Bahamas and up the East Coast before finally making land fall in Cape Hatteras this year.

By the time Dorian made it to the Outer Banks, the wind had dissipated quite a bit; however, the storm surge was just as bad and caused severe flooding. This ended up spelling disaster for places like Ocracoke Island, which is a favorite spot of mine, as the storm surged drowned the island under several feet of water.

Early reports coming out of the Outer Banks have been mixed. While Ocracoke suffered bad flooding, other places seemed to fair better. As fast as the storm surge came in, it also began to go back out. Emergency crews made it to the islands shortly after the storm had passed Friday morning and are still assessing damages.

We hope to be able to get back on the island by Monday 9th.

My Own House

Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall, Outer Banks, NC | Source

As I mentioned, there has been little time for Scorum over the past few days. Our home sits on a rather large property given its location, meaning lots of time was spent clearing our property in preparation for Dorian.

Lucky, after a long night of battering winds, we came out unscathed. Unlike last year when Florence damaged our roof, this year our house was untouched. Lots of limbs and debris around us but we were fine this time, only leaving us a bit more yard work.

We are incredibly thankful that this hurricane wasn’t nearly as bad as last year. I have the most since empathy for those in the Bahamas. I’ve seen the destruction of hurricanes in person. It’s no joke. The flooding destroys everything—lives and property all the same.

Our hope now is that we hear positive news coming from the Outer Banks over this weekend. If we do, and Cape Hatteras isn’t too bad, we will be heading out to the islands come Monday. I really hope this is the case.

I want to be checking Scorum with my feet in the sand.

All Storms Pass

I appreciate the well-wishes I received on Discord from a few of you guys. Means a lot to know my Scorum family is thinking about me.

I’ll be pretty hit-or-miss on Scourm over the next week or two. In addition to traveling to the Outer Bans, I also have family staying with me right now, and a childhood friend coming visiting from Indiana. All this will make for an action packed few weeks.

So on’t think I’ve gone. Because I ain’t going anywhere.


~~see you in the comments~~