Who said you cannot smile again? Has life taken its toll on you in such a horrible manner? Hell NO! You can still smile and be joyful again. 

Life may bring some people lots of sad times, but there are those moments joy fills our hearts, we experience happiness and pleasure.

Sport has ways of springing up joy and senses of smile and laughter on the faces of fans. There are those moments when it feels like our hearts would burst out due to laughter caused by funny moments in sports.

The joy in sport has a way of bringing communities, groups, religion, etc., together. It has a social impact; it develops social capital and can reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

There exist those moments where the joy derived from sports flow ceaselessly. Of such moments are here below. Enjoy watching, put back your smiles!

Video 1

Video 2

youtube video

Hope your smiles have returned! 

Smile and forget your worries, by worrying too much, nothing can get solved! 

Thanks for your time. I remain your very own, Kimberly!