Longer post than usual but the method is not saturated yet,

If you are aware when you subscribed to https://fuk.io cryptocurrency blog that i run since 2013 or to a dedicated website (doesn't matter) passive income from crypto guide you get access to my ebook where i show methods of making passive income on cryptocurrency. There is version 2 right now and soon comes v3. To be clear for now i do versions as 1, 1.2 and now 1.3 as i just update methods, add new ones or remove those that stopped working.

Here is one of the methods that will come to a new version.

Almost nobody knows the method so read carefully and do the steps.

Its not complex at all but may sound little twisted initially. Surely yall need those accounts before bull market.

TTC Protocol Passive Income

For start, you will need some ETH and/or BTC but this is a must of all of the methods in the ebook. You cant do passive income without initial income. You can ie sell some STEEM on Binance to get initial stuff or SCR on HotBit and move to the other exchanges mentioned here.

Now you will need to register on two exchanges: Bibox and Bitforex. Only email needed, no KYC or documents. So those exchange you will be able to use for loads of other stuff too, they have cool pairs and volumes.

Yes, both are in the top10 BTC/USDT volume in the world so it is more than good to have accounts there.

Now that you have accounts on exchanges deposit there BTC/ETH and buy TTC tokens.

You will notice the price difference between both exchanges. This is because when buying on Bitforex you get their old ETH token, which will change to 1:1 TCC + pay out 1:10 ACN token (their other token). If you buy on Bibox crypto exchange TTC is cheaper but you are not getting ACN.

So i would suggest to get some TTC on one and some TTC on the other exchange as we dont know price of ACN yet.

Install TCC Connect app on phone. Just write in AppStore or Google Play the name and its there.

Now deposit TTC. If from Bibox then just Deposit it from Bitforex chose TTC Mainnet Swap (then you get the extra 10 ACN per TTC).

Go to Vote tab, and Vote on any delegate from top10. You are now "mining" TTCs.

tldr; Register to exchanges: Bibox and BitForex, Buy TTC tokens send to TTC Connect app on Android/iOS. Enjoy free cash.