Are they real?

Instantly, this is what every person who plays casino online probably thinks from the get-go. Even with its popularity nowadays, cryptocurrency and bitcoin are still subjects of debate most especially in the online betting world, its largest niche. So we’ve decided to join in on the discussion and define bitcoin casinos for what they really are. Read this casino guide to know the major facts and myths about bitcoin casino betting.

Myth: Substandard security. Bitcoin betting in online casinos is seen as an alternative to the traditional betting that everyone’s used to, making it seem like a less-regulated platform. Many people think cryptocurrency isn’t a legit currency, let alone its usage in online betting sites, but its authenticity and security are tight because of the intricate system of the blockchain technology.

Fact: Safety is absolute. That said, it is totally safe to use bitcoin to play online casino primarily because of one thing: discretion. With bitcoin, you are able to engage in casino games online anonymously. Why? Unlike traditional banking methods, bitcoin does not require personal information in carrying out transactions; only the wallet address is needed to send or receive a payment - something that goes well with casino betting.

Myth: Complex transactions. Because cryptocurrency is called a “thing of the internet,” many get the impression that participating in bitcoin transactions, casino betting included, is too much of a task. But in reality, it’s not that hard to execute. As an enhanced payment system, getting, keeping, and sending bitcoin is practically easy because:

Fact: Convenience. Having an all-digital money dedicated to online casino betting works wonders. You only have to look for an online exchange website to acquire your bitcoin, setup your online wallet through a desktop or mobile app, and then copy-and-paste your wallet address whenever you make a payment. And the great thing is, you get to do it all by yourself!

Myth: Lesser betting options. Bitcoin is still considered as a new addition to online casino betting, making a lot of players think that options are limited. But with the growing bitcoin betting market today, all casino games online are now available in most bitcoin betting sites just as much as what’s available in fiat-based sites.

Fact: More betting opportunities. Seen as a great way to grow investments, bitcoin opens up more opportunities for casino bettors who want to earn good profit by playing casino online seen in the way bitcoin sites launching their own crypto-based games and more bonuses. Read a casino guide online to explore the many possibilities bitcoin casino betting can offer.