A Turret's Life is a first person arcade shooter/tower defense game for PC and VR where you are the tower defending an area against the endless onslaught of attacking robots and crafting overpowered dream guns that can be traded as crypto-backed items.


First of all, I just want to say thanks for your support! A couple of you guys posted a link to a YouTube video and a NFT Gecko forum post about the game and they both made my day. Seeing the enthusiasm from others is so inspiring and keeps us devs going :)

This last week I have been busy working on the inventory system, which is a central part to the whole crafting mechanic.


Inventory System

I have been itching to start the crafting process of the game and do some gameplay programming, but there are a few building blocks left before this can commence, namely the backend systems for maintaining the player inventory.

Originally I envisioned the player items existing only through the Enjin network, but Enjin doesn't really store any information about the state of the game too well. So, I started looking into the Playfab database system (which also has systems for leaderboards, player stats and profiles etc, for when the time comes :)

Now essentially the Enjin tokens act as a secure key. Whenever you get an Enjin item, the ID of the token is used as a reference in the database to find the item for the game. From there, the game will load the appropriate game object with its visuals and gameplay functionality. Likewise, during gameplay when you get a new game item such as resources from destroying enemies, the game will send a message to mint the equivalent Enjin directly to your wallet.

This is of course a new challenge of syncing the inventories between Enjin, Playfab, and the actual game. This is also due in part to the newness of the Unity Enjin SDK, which is still in alpha and rough around the edges regarding the functionality for the player accounts and wallets.

This creates other future issues, such as if there is a player who knows nothing of crypto and doesn't have an Enjin wallet, how do they play the game without being forced to create one?

Thankfully, it sounds like Enjin's Effinity will solve these issues and make the process smoother.

The Playfab dashboard. Lots of features packed into it!

This week I will continue working on the inventory backend systems. Although I do like Playfab, I need to ascertain if it is the best option or not.

Talk to you later guys :)

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