Well this is going to be a post off topic but it is a thought that I want to share with you about the investment philosophy that without saying who it is inspired from you will be able to deduce who it is.

In these crazy times knowing where to put the money, where to invest is an odyssey for many newbies in the world of cryptocurrencies and for others who are looking for value in the long term.

In my case I look for businesses that are very easy to understand, even if a fool can do it. In this way we can analyze its long-term viability. In cryptocurrencies it is the same and because you can do a fairly simple analysis of how to know what businesses are and fulfill this, if you can explain it briefly and without having to mess around with so many words it can be a good candidate.

Let's look at the case of scorum, even though I now consider it an asset quite full of uncertainty in the eyes of an investor, I have a kind of affection for it so let's go there:


A blog that generates profits with the advertising generated by the visit of its users. Done, explained in a line I did not have to say anything about the currency itself, because we are analyzing the business that is behind it. Then you would have to analyze the currency, but that gives for another post.

My recommendations are to buy currencies from exchange houses and cryptos that make loans

Cryptos Exchange

Platform that earn money with the commissions of the exchanges of its users. We all know, that even if the market is up or down, the exchange houses continue to generate profits and this affects, although not linearly, their currencies. For example binance and binance coin

Loan platforms (cryptos)

They earn money on the interest on their loans. There you go, there are several good examples out there. As a NEXO, it also distributes dividends.

Well this is a winning formula for the long term, if you know how to apply it and not recommended for speculators because they will get bored. Patients get rich.