In the last post about rare sports we talked about the eukonkanto, which basically consisted of carrying your wife on your shoulders through a race with obstacles both terrestrial and aquatic, the prize was the weight of your wife in beer, very funny the reactions and the falls of many couples.

The rare sport of today is called Jai alai (which translates as a joyful party), it is a practice of Basque origin that is a variant of the Basque ball, and has been giving world competitions since 1952.

It is played with a hat that is a basket(cesta) weighing 400 to 600 g, which is placed as a glove and this allows you to pick up the ball and throw it with great force towards the pediment, to try to score as many points as possible. The first team to score 7 or 9 points wins the game

The professional and common modality is to play it in pairs, even though it does not look like it is quite played in many countries, of which France, Spain, Mexico, the Philippines and the United States stand out

The professional seasons are mainly held in Mexico and the United States, except when it comes to the Jai Alai World Tour, which takes place in the Basque Country and in France.

The last winners of a gold medal, of an international tournament of jai alai were the couple: GOIKOETXEA-INZA, who beat their rivals in a score of 30 goals against 28.

It's a sport that at first glance, is quite peculiar for us who are used to football, basketball, NHL, and others. It would be very fun to go with a group of friends, to play dumb while enjoying a Jai Alai game.

Here are a couple of videos to see the potential of Jai alai!

curious fact
Spain is the country with the most gold medals in this sport, having won 4 in total.

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