Well I wanted to say this for quite a while but finally I have a break from my disgusting daily routine, I finished the mid-year exams and therefore I have a small period of free time, besides that being busy with the exams was the reason of my inactivity publishing posts but the members of my community know that I have taken my time to read and vote their posts, also remember that tomorrow I will announce the winners of the scorums I promised, to reward the best writers of my community ( around 50 SCR divided between the winners)

Well as I told you in my last post, I want to explore a bit more details about the creation of a sports shop in which you look for an income, the inclusion of scorum as the main currency of exchange and also the intentional search to do Grow the popularity of the Scorum brand, as a benchmark sports trend.

It seems to me a little ironic that someone who does not have a store yet (me), give you advice on how to set up a sports shop. Sometimes life is funny, but I hope you like my post

Well, first we must think that setting up a sports shop is an ambitious project and that it is a good business opportunity thanks to the growing fanaticism of people for sports and the love of physical activity.

Physical activity is a global icon of the last generations, feeling good is a luxury that we can all have, as well as balance and that intense and continuous search for happiness. There are a lot of people out there who have found that doing sports or physical activity, in general, fills their souls enough to keep them happy, we enter there because those people are going to need (or maybe not) products that make that experience something more amazing.

Why did I say "maybe not?
Well, there really are products that are purely decorative or with extra features that more than complement the activities, they make them more entertaining but in the end, they are not necessary.

                       Sports stores live on the small things.

This is something important that you have to understand, our store will be mainly profitable and sustainable in the long term, so we will keep in constant and multiple small sales, things like gloves, bats, rackets that will be sold almost daily as well as certain accessories of sportswear, large sales such as a treadmill will be casual sales because it is a general law "the more it costs something, the harder it will be to sell it"

The niche of your store

Just as a person must find his individualism and personality, you must find and think about the path your store is going to follow. As the main thing, we must find our favorite segment since we all know the fact that the sport is infinitely varied and we could occupy an entire mall just to be able to supply a whole store for all types of sports.

So here you must take the decision that will start the life of your store, the little big step in your way of business. You have too many options to choose from, you could focus on extreme sports, popular sports such as basketball or soccer, although to make this decision you must do a couple of things before.

According to your geographical area and culture, make an in-depth investigation of the most popular sports because it could be that your country is a tourist destination loved by extreme sportsmen or a place where great soccer teams meet annually, such as the European classic "Real Madrid vs Barcelona". Also, investigate the competition, the demand they have in the market, their ability to supply products, the products and the type of store that offers to consumers.


Here I will cite some examples of products that are sold in stores generally.

Soccer balls, indoor football, volleyball, basketball, rugby.
Balls for golf, baseball, cricket.
Camping accessories such as tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, hiking boots, etc.
Fitness items such as weights, bars, discs, aerobics, etc.
In sports applied items like; florets, ballet shoes, hoops, gymnastics tapes.
Items for extreme sports such as surfboards, skateboards, skates, paragliding, etc.
Rackets, bats and other accessories such as golf clubs, tennis rackets and pingpong, etc.

With that in mind we can decide what kind of store we will be developing, personally, I think mine will be dedicated to sportswear, fitness accessories and balls, although obviously, this could change completely because I still do not live in Spain, so I will have to make the respective investigations.



What is the most important thing in any business? Yes, you guessed right and they are the customers! How could a restaurant without diners run to taste the dishes of the chefs? it will be the same with our store we must mentalize the clients as our priority, before the money and the ambitions.

Ok, I think the first thing we should know about our clients is ... who will be our clients? the sport is too varied and is part of the life of children, youth, adults and even elderly people, so we must think about the type of customers, who will be the target of our store and start working everything else starting of that. It's like giving a gift, if you do not know who the gift is for, nothing of his personality or even his name, you will not know what to give him and whether he will like it.

Certainly young people are the main market in sports, although adults and seniors have their respective share, there is a certain age at which people begin to think about their physical condition in their old age and they are introduced little by little into the world of physical activity, they will need all kinds of instrumentation and equipment that we could offer them.

Also when we talk about the budgets and the investment that we must make, we will have to make a list with all the products that we want to buy. We can do it in 2 ways, writing the quantity of product that we want to acquire and then quote its price in the stores of our preference, or vice versa, go with a budget and go through several stores of suppliers to make sure to find the best offer for the most quantity of products for our store. We should not spend money without first thinking well about the most effective and efficient way to use it so that it results in less investment and more profit, something like leverage.

I just realized that I am talking about the products and the budget, but we still do not have the local, we must take into account that we must necessarily acquire a spacious room and that is located at a strategic point. For the first point it is important that customers have a nice view of the products on display, also that they can walk the store from head to toe without stumbling over anything, and we must have a deposit to place merchandise and products that occupy too much space as a treadmill or even a boat if you are going to fish.

For the second you have to know that a shopping center is going to offer you the advantage of always being full of people, in addition to giving you more accessible traffic and advertising. Or you can also locate your business near stadiums or tourist places that are related to the sport, perhaps the stadium of your country's favorite team. Although not many take it into account, you should also take into consideration the general purchasing power of potential customers in the area where you are going to set up your store, even to know what type of products will benefit you most in the short, medium and long term.

Ok I'll leave this up here, there are still many points of which I must talk about like advertising which is a fairly extensive topic, strategies and obviously the possible application of scorum in several cases.

Please do not forget to see the winners of the contest tomorrow and you know that I wish you the best, today and always.

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