This is a personal post

Currently scorum only works as a blogging platform. I am very excited about the future improvements and implementations of the commissionless betting platform, without a doubt the best attraction that Scorum will have. For today I would like to write something quite speculative but in the form of a conversation with you, I will put all the effort into answering each comment in the most entertaining way possible because I want to read your opinions.

So let's assume that the future that holds Scorum and the crypto-currencies, in general, is promising, let's say that thanks to the betting platform and the entrance to large exchanges with volume, Scorum comes to be worth $ 23, a rather low price for the potential that it has but is sufficient for this example. Apart from that, it would be in a constant upward trend due to its deflationary characteristics, user retention, utility and the possibility of freezing the currencies of the bloggers for up to a year.

In that probable case would mean that I would be close to own $ 300,000, it is certainly a pretty attractive goal, but in general, a user with 100 Sp would have about $ 2,300 and someone with 200,000 Sp, would already exceed $ 4 million in profits.

Now I ask you, what would you do with that money? 

a bad example of how to use your money

I think it is fundamental that we start thinking about how we are going to use the money we earn on the platform, it is also necessary to educate ourselves financially. It is tragic to read in the news as athletes who were at the top, with fame and fortune ended up in bankruptcy, mired in drugs and alcohol for their poor management of money, technically we are in the same situation as them.

A football player entering a new team, is shocked by the amount of money that begins to win thanks to clubs, sponsorships and different income that players have, is a situation in which they do not know what to do and they have never confronted, like us, so I think that every user should be planning what to do with their money.

Well this post is not to tell you what to do with your money (yet), I would like to tell you my life plans in the event that Scorum triumphs as we all have foreseen, I also want to read them, I am interested enough to learn from other people and maybe they can Change my thinking or give me some idea for when we are all rich!

First of all I'm not allowed to take more than 10% of my total scorum power for me, when I entered the platform I promised myself that I would leave at least 90% of my winnings on the platform as Hold, Unless I had an emergency or something like that (strong issues) Well this year, in December I have a small operation and I do not think I can pay it yet with Scorum's earnings so that's off the list.

You should also know that I am less than 23 years old, I will not tell you the exact age until I do my introduction post where I want them to know me a little more, then when I am living in Spain, the first thing I would use my money is to be able to fix the papers of my grandparents and my aunt, who is like my mother to take them to Spain to live with me. Next year I will have to separate from them, I currently live in Ecuador and I know that at least my grandpa will hurt him enough that I left him here because he is the closest thing to a father I've ever had, so I want to take them to be with me until the last day of their lives and not alone in Ecuador. At most it will cost me about $ 3000 or $ 4000 for all the papers, ah I would also have to fix the visa for my puppy haha I refuse to leave it in Ecuador xD!


I wish I could pay for my university degree, which is musical production, I do not think I can afford it all, but I can keep my studies because I believe that the best investment a person can make is education. Following that premise, I want to enroll in as many courses as I can, I want to learn everything I could not learn during my adolescence maybe to play new instruments, singing, some martial art, more sports because I do not know if they will know but I am a shame for my kind in basketball (literally, I'm 1.90 and I'm so bad playing basketball), language courses because I'm also planning to visit all of Europe to meet new people, cultures and have new experiences.


I will also have to set aside some money for an emergency fund as medical expenses and save enough to set up my own studio to work as a music producer. That would be the most basic and primordial in what I would use my money, but being a little more consumerist I think I would buy a fairly large house, to be able to have dozens of pets (I love dogs), a waterbed, a garage for a collection of guitars, a chocolate fountain, and many banal desires that I have always had (not as aspiration, nor need only a vague desire)

Another wish would be to know and follow during a tour of any of my favorite bands, I would like to see the day that My Chemical Romance is reunited agian and can see them live, maybe get to see Eddie Vedder, visit the Hall of the Rock and Roll fame.

As for projects, I would like to found a society to help orphans and low-income childrens and teenagers who have the desire to succeed, another foundation that I will take care of myself to find musical talents in homeless people in the streets of all the world, do not know what illusion would make me be able to help those people and make them live with dignity of music. It would not be bad to be able to attend new crypto projects, be an ambassador of Scorum in some way, I almost forgot to mention my sports store which will be online-physical, that way I will be able to monopolize the maximum possible public.

From there I would like to start writing a book, a couple of years ago I loved writing stories when I was sad but that time passed and I stopped writing, someday I hope to be able to take it up again with pleasure and translate my feelings on a story again. For the reason that I'm going to move to Spain, I do not think it's healthy to enter into a relationship here in Ecuador again, so I'll wait to meet someone in Europe and ask for marriage in France as I've always dreamed.

Although I do not take any examples of investments, I have a decent enough financial education but I did not want to bore you with that in this post, I wanted it to be a little more personal and less technical but soon I will share information so that we can all have financial freedom in hand of Scorum

Well, I did this a bit long, and I think I just screwed up my introduction post myself because I just told you a lot about me but I hope this has entertained you for a while and maybe you feel a little identified in some aspect of my thoughts. 

Now I really want to read your plans to use the money we all hope to earn here at Scorum, so I can connect easier with you and get to know you a little better.


Well, I hope to see your posts on the Discord channel and wish you the best.