Many of users are oblivious to the fact that energy drinks and sports drinks are between two very different things. Energy drinks are more common than sports drinks on TV, social media and billboards. This leads to confusion in humans.

The energy drinks contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and some ingredients such as caffeine, taurine and inositol. Although it seems similar to sports drinks at first sight, there are serious differences in terms of content. The main purpose of sports drinks is to re-enter the body with water, potassium and sodium. The main purpose of sports drinks is to restore the body in a short time of water and electrolytes thrown with the perspiration.

The main purpose of energy drinks is to provide energy. It increases attention and alertness and this allows for a long time to continue. Energy drinks make these positive effects during the first reception hours but they cause severe fatigue in the following hours. They can cause addiction and withdrawal syndrome. May cause loss of appetite due to caffeine and guarana. In rare cases, they may cause sleep disturbance and cardiac arrest. Alcohol consumption is doubled if taken with alcohol.

Energy drinks contain more complex substances than sports drinks. it is not clear whether these substances are harmful or damaging to the body. Regardless of the purpose of consumption, especially children, adolescents and women athletes in the birth process should not consume.

What to consider in the use of energy drink

Not consumed with alcoholic beverages,

Enough and balanced fed athletes must not consume

Be careful against drug interactions,

Not to drink on an empty stomach

Not consuming as an alternative to natural foods,

Be careful against overdose

Consumption should not be a habit

basic substances in energy drinks and their effects

1. Caffeine; increases alertness and endurance

2. Taurine; anti-anxiety

3. Inositol; anti-depressant effect

4. Guarana; increases concentration

5. Yohimbine; has aphrodisiac effect

6. Ginseng; increases energy, improves memory and increases stress resistance

7. Glucuronolactone; anti-fatigue or fatigue retardant effect

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