Please pay attention here that today I am going to share with you a very important Update from Ethereum Cash Pro Team.

Exchange Update


Bit2ex Exchange has accepted ECP Proposal. So very soon ECP will be launch in Bit2ex. As per ECP team their last communication with Bit2Ex that they should be able to start. So it may be possible that in next 8-10 days we will see ECP token on the exchange.

Move Free Tokens To Available Token

All the members have free token but miss the chance to convert their free token to available token for them not to worry. Just claim and freely convert your free token to available token.

How Can You Get Fee ECP Token?

Refer new members you earn ECP token

Stay active into a forum and earn 30 ECP forum token

Then claim and convert your forum token / free token to available token

At last but not least you will get 7th level referral commission.

ECP Upcoming Projects

ECP has over 10 amazing projects in near future. Fasten Your Seat-belts and ready to ride amazing journey of success with ECP. Very soon ECP Team will update you with projects.

Thanks for reading.