Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

At the present time all the people of the world are very busy. Especially those who live in the city are more busy. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest is busy.

Due to this busyness, it is often difficult to give time to one's relatives. If you ask any person if you are free he will answer, or I am too busy. If he needs to, he may not be busy.

How much does a government employee plan before retiring? When you retire, you will be able to visit all your relatives at home, travel around the country and abroad, how many more plans do you have? But when he retires he becomes more busy. Maybe he has to spend time in the family, he has to take his grandchildren to school, he has to go shopping, he doesn't know how much more work he has to do.

Again sometimes goes after social engagements, the president of the mosque committee, the president of the village school and much more.

At present a child is also very busy, wake up in the morning and go to school, come back from school to coaching, come back from coaching to go to private tutor, because of such busyness, many children forget their normal life.

In many families, the husband and wife are both employed, which may cause the child to be left behind at work or to be left at home with grandparents. Children are also deprived of parental affection and love.

Each of us should spend some time in the midst of hundreds of activities for ourselves, for our family. If we can keep ourselves a little free for a while then we will have a lot of peace both physically and mentally and we will have a lot more fun to work and work normally.

And if I can give some time to my family, then the relationship with the family will be good. The children of the family will not be deprived of the affection and love of our adults. This is why sometimes visit a natural place with family.

What I want to convey in today's post is to take some time off for leisure and relaxation in the midst of busyness. Although I have not been able to explain the subject very well, I hope you have understood the subject.