A cultural festival,,,,

Usually there are many types of festivals celebrated in our country and the best different times determine that the time is only celebrated for the festival for which so many events are organized.

In fact for many years I have not been in the land of my country for which I miss so many cultural festivals that I must have attended when I was at home like a festival celebrated in our school which we called Independence Day.

The festival which is seen after 16th December was celebrated on 17th and 18th December because December is a festive time for the whole Bengali nation at a time when people all over Bangladesh are celebrating.

Because the heroic freedom fighters of Bangladesh declared independence on December 16, 1971, and from there the whole Bengali nation considers this day as their biggest festival. In fact, many heroic freedom fighters had to give their lives to achieve this festival. Race.

For this a cultural festival is organized in our school. The festival starts from the morning. In the morning, the students of our school show different techniques. Some of the spectators play different types of games. Is and how to look in any district.

While doing all these, once the evening comes down and as the evening comes down, the cultural evening which is full of songs and dances, then different children make people happy by doing all these dance-song jokes.

And so this cultural festival continues till midnight and the people of our area actually observe and watch it with great joy.

Of course, this is not only in our area, this festival is celebrated in different areas of Bangladesh, dance-song, comedy and everything together creates a beautiful moment everywhere.

So many friends i hope you can understand you well and i hope you like it all stay well be healthy thank you