Everyone wants to live a long time but no one ever wants to grow old.

Who would want to leave this beautiful world? No one would ever want to be born into this world as a human being, but no matter how hard he tries, he will never be able to stay in this world for the rest of his life.

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If I told you that you also want to live a long time and all you need for this baby is to imagine for yourself that if I were not old I would look so young and beautiful all the time but it would never be possible. No.

You know, you understand everything, yet you expect something that is never likely to happen. But there is a class of people who love to fight and love to kill people. Nowadays there is a time when human life has no value.

Don't look around, just look around, just fight, fight and bleed, but why is there no value in the life of the person you are killing? Of course you love your life as much as you love the life of the person you are killing. There is no such thing as kindness, there is no such thing as bad, that as much as I love my life, that person may love his life so much.

No one can ever pay the price of life if a person leaves this world but can't take anything with him then why do you need to do these things when you know you may be bragging about power today but what will happen to you when you don't have power.

So my last words to my friends, if you have so much fear in your mind for the superior who created you, then stop this bloody war and let everyone live in this world in a beautiful way as long as he lives.