My Favorite Sport ...


First of all, thank you for holding such a beautiful contest for us. In fact, all of us human beings in the world love to watch one-of-a-kind games. Just like I have some games that I like to play myself and watch again.

Inside the popular games, cricket and football are usually the ones we know that people all over the world know about these games and 85% of the people prefer to play football and the rest of the people like cricket and other sports.

It's not that I don't like cricket, I like cricket and I like football a lot, so I like carom board the most among my favorite games because I enjoy playing this carom board the most.

carrom board is a game that has to be played on one's own confidence. Cricket is a game of goal ball just like cricket is a game of goal ball.

I think I've been addicted to carrom board since I was in class five because when I went to school I used to see tea stalls in my market. There were a lot of people in one place and in the middle of this crowd there were only four people playing and those who were playing to enjoy They are enjoying themselves and the enthusiasm of the viewers is much higher and seeing that I thought to myself if I could play this game it would be much better.


This is how I gradually learn to play the carromboat and I can play well. There is a time when I can give all the shots at once. I can't hold my hand and go to the other hand at once.

So I think my favorite game is carrom board Now you may think that there is a sweat again or there is a game again or now everybody likes one thing or another, it is not the same, so just like you love cricket, love football, love volleyball, I love carrom board

I hope you like the story of this little game of mine. Everyone will be fine and healthy and if you like it, you must like the post. Thank you.