Whaleshares has origins as the world’s first cross-chain value-add token between the Bitshares Dex and Steem blockchains, but has grown to be much more--namely an entire community. Within this context, the following whitepaper is meant to inform about the Whaleshares Cooperative and its emergence as a Mutual Aid Society (MAS) Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative (DAC) chain. This paper will cover in its scope the concept and history of CACs, DACs, Whaleshares as a CAC, distribution of Whaleshares tokens to initial stakeholders and the details of its evolution into becoming a MAS DAC.

It is the thesis of this paper that, due to the economics of MAS DACs, communities can set into motion positive feedback loops in value creation in uniquely empowering ways that have arguably never been available. Furthermore, this body posits considerations for sustainable operations and positive feedback loops can be enforced in accordance with representative governance that provides transparent accountability of leadership, consensus and rewards.

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