With the foreign quota exceeding four, the new season will be taken to foreign strikers From the beginning of the Federation Cup, they are also seen. But in addition to the foreign striker, the match could be won by Maruf Haque's Arambagh coach. Chittagong Abahani beat two goals in the match to bring the equality and win the tiebreaker 4-2 in the field.Chittagong Group, a central bank, a holding midfielder, and two forward-four foreigners took part in the field. The Arambagh XI had only two foreign centers back Nigerian Kingsley Chukody and Uzbek Borobosnov Normativity. Fully relieved locals in the attack But last smile was the last season's Independence Cup champions. Maruf's disciples do not lose before losing. Samaraweera scored two goals in the 2-0 goal. Matching tiebreaker to set up group champion And Arambagh won the nerve fight. Mubarak Awal of Abahani blown up on the first shot post. Arambagh goalkeeper Mazharul Islam Himel played a key role in the team's victory with Nazmul Islam Russel's second shot. Narmatovich, Rajan Mia, Rabiul Islam, and Kingsley Chukody scored goals for Arambagh in the tiebreaker...The match did not even reach the tiebreaker. Fortune Shahriar Bappi made a splendid shot. In the 85 minutes behind the 2-1 goal, the midfielder has restored Arambagh to the left hand of 30 yards away from the excellent left foot.The quarter-finals of both teams were sure beforehand by keeping one match in hand. The match of the rules became dramatic until the end. Uzbek defender Narmatovich 2-1 to Arafat's goal before penalty. And Abahani went ahead with two foreign strikers, Awala Magnalan and Momdoha Wa...In the 8th minute, Abahani Magnalan went ahead with the goal. From moderate to Kyrgyz Daniel Tagore's Ariel Through, two centers of Arambagh centerback were initially followed by Magnalan. Then the Nigerian striker was caught in the net over the goalkeeper's head.In the 25th minute, 2-0, Momouda wow, Written by Atakuzzaman on the left side, in the box, the Gambian striker has placing the post in the distance. He scored two goals in this match, from Sheikh Jamal to Abahani, put the name of the name. And in the first half, when the penalty was added, Arambagh made it 2-1. In the box, winner Zahid Hossain Monaime Khan Raju fouled when he got the penalty Arambagh. From there, there was no mistake in reducing the gap between Normatovic.In the 85th minute, Shahriar Bappir scored a good shot to Arambagh. Replacement Wroteback from Mohammad Rakir Cross Box, the Defender of Chittagong cleared the Head. After returning, he got into a net of 30 yards away from a great volley and trapped Shahriar.