MPBL (Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League) commissioner Kenneth Duremdes announce that there is a possibility that the season for the Lakan league will be cancelled. Duremdes and the team owners had a meeting and the team owners showed some signs that they might not join the league due to ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) due to Covid-19.

According to Duremdes, there are teams that will take leave of absence for the next season because team owners were having a difficulty on their business and players income due to ECQ.

Duremdes also said that it is important for him to know first if the team owners could still run the team so that he can conclude that he might cancel the season. One thing also is the airtime of the league, due to the expired franchise of ABS-CBN, the show will not be telivised because the Sports and Action channel is under ABS-CBN.

The league was on the finals already and there are 4 great teams left on it. Duremdes hopes that the season will continue when the lockdown ends.