The National Boxing Team will set aside their Christmas and New years holidays. They will focus on training for preparation in Olympic qualifying matches. Abap (Association of Boxing Alliances in the Philippines) wanted to train the team at Baguio City for a chance to have many boxers to qualify in the 2020 Olympics which will be held at Tokyo

According to coach Gaspi, they already discussed about this matter that they will not likely spend some holidays with their families during christmas and new year. The qualifying event for the Asia Pacific region will be held on February 3 to 14 at Wuhan, China.

There would be also a continental qualifying event in 2020. The last chance for them to qualify in the Olympics is the World Qualification which will be held at Paris on May. The Tokyo Olympics will be held on Augsut 2020. During 2016, only 2 people qualify in the Rio Olympics (Rogen Ladon - lightfly and Charly Suarez - lightweight) but they were eliminated in the early rounds.

Philippines have not won any gold medals for 100 years from joining the Olympics. From the 3 silver medals won by the Philippines, 2 of them are won in Boxing.