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Miami Sunset Cruise: The Adrenaline Pumped Boat Party

Imagine yourself on the Miami Sunset Cruise, enjoying the amazing views of the golden hues of the setting sun over the scenic Miami skyline.

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Miami Day Parties: Experience The #1 Miami Boat Party on Miami Booze Cruise

When the sun is high and the energy is electric, it's time for Miami Day Parties like no other.

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Party Boats Miami: An Encore Miami Party Boat For Special Gatherings

We take pride in hosting Miami’s top boat party. Our boats are designed to offer you an unforgettable boat party experience on the water.

Our boats are equipped with luxurious lounging areas, great sound systems, and spacious dance floors.

Whether you're celebrating a bachelorette, a bachelor party, a birthday bash, or just a weekend getaway, our Booze Cruize Boats will be the ideal choice to make your event truly special.

South Beach Boat Party: For Unforgettable Miami Boat Party

Undoubtedly, South Beach is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. To become part of Miami’s South Beach Boat Party nightlife you can take our nighttime encore Miami party boat.

Our partnership with LIV Miami will ensure you get VIP access to the hottest events hosted by LIV Miami. Here you can dance till dawn, get drunk, party with Hollywood stars, and create memories that will forever.

Our Miami sunset cruise parties are all about soaking up the sunny vibe of this amazing city. Here you can enjoy delicious bites, dance to the music, and take in the Miami sunlight as you feel the energy. It is a celebration that takes place at night and embodies the energetic way of life in Miami.

Experience True Water Adventure and the Live Yacht Party in Miami

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