Although I received $100 and now 100 euros, this image was free on Canva :-)

My amazing 89-year-old grandma, who is a hero of mine, wrote me a $100 check for my birthday, which is this Wednesday (October 31 --- Halloween). I don't often have money to spend that is outside of what my family has to cover bills and other expenses, so I wanted to do something interesting with this kind gesture for my birthday, and I want your help.

The check is for $100 (U.S.) even, and I plan on spending it all in the next week, but it doesn't have to be spent all in one place. I'd like your help before the night of my actual birthday.


To help me spend my birthday cash, which will be used on something within the realm of sports (which is why I'm asking you here on Scorum), I'd like to share my goals with you:

  1. Have fun, after all, it is my birthday and why not try to have a little fun?
  2. Do or buy something (or several things) sports-related that I can then blog about here on Scorum. 
  3. Be unique -- something more than just buying a t-shirt online. 


Obviously, the main restriction is that I have $100 to spend, so whatever you suggest, I must be able to do it for $100 or less. I also have a limited amount of time available and cannot travel hours away from my location (Central Illinois) to use the money. I also won't do anything illegal with the money. I also have a restrictive diet, so doing something sports and food-related probably won't work.

I also want to stay married to my wife, so if it's not something a wife would agree to, then it's probably not something I'm going to pick.

My Ideas

Several ideas have come to mind, so your suggestion below can be something I am considering or something completely different. My thoughts so far include:

  • Making a 45-minute drive to Peoria to play poker with the $100 at the casino there and sharing my experience and the results with you. 
  • The Breeders Cup is this weekend (the biggest weekend in horse racing). I could study and wager on the races this weekend and share my picks and then the results with you. Who knows, I could lose it all or win a bunch! 
  • Attend a local sporting event(s). There aren't many exciting events or teams close by, but there are several semi-pro teams here. I could also go and see my alma mater play basketball (Bradley) in Peoria and take my son. 
  • It's not until 12/7, but I could purchase tickets to watch the Harlem Globetrotters with my family. I am not sure if they would be into it, but who knows. 
  • I could purchase sports items or equipment to play with my family. 
  • We could go as a family to participate in some type of sports activity. We recently went bowling for my son's birthday, so probably something different than that. 

This is just what I've thought of, but I really want to know what you think.

What Do You Think?

Let your creativity and imagination run wild. I'll be giving out fat upvotes for ideas and I'll mention those who helped me in future blog posts. Feel free to recommend that I put a small amount towards one event and the other part towards something else.

Thank you for your help!