It's been said that there's a thin line between love and hate. When it comes to the things we love in life, there are bound to be aspects of those things that we hate deeply. 

Sports always has and always will be one of the loves in my life. And as a passionate sports fan, I have a long list of pet peeves (things that annoy me). After being reminded of one of the many things in the world of sports I hate two days ago, others started to flood into my mind. After a few minutes, I had a organized a list of the top 10 things I hate about sports. 

So I decided to start a new series! I will dive deep into why I hate each one, why you should too, and I'll ask for your opinions on what you hate within the sports you're fond of. 

Honorable Mentions 

To give you a few examples of what will be part of this series, I decided to list the things I hate that just didn't quite make my top 10 in this "honorable mention" list. As you'll see, these pet peeves range from fan tendencies to issues that start at the top of major sports franchises, and some are silly while others are quite serious problems. 

  • "They Shouldn't Make This Much Money!"

There are many common arguments made by fans that I consider to be moronic. One of the most popular complaints about atheletes, which I've even heard right here in our wonderful Scorum community, is that athletes shouldn't make so much money. 

Owners and brands that sponsor athletes have businesses to run. They take these businesses very seriously and strongly consider the value that someone will bring to their organization before cutting them a check. When they do write that check, it's because the athlete is worth that much to that organization. Sure, there are bad contracts made all the time, but sports run on a system of supply and demand just like most of the rest of the world. If someone is willing to pay it, then that's what that person is worth at that time. 

  • Fans Trashing Players After They Leave Their Favorite Team 

Players are expected to stay loyal to the teams they play for, but we rarely blame owners for cutting or trading a "loyal" player on a whim. When a player makes a decision that's in the best interest of their career and family that results in them leaving their current team, fans often react brashly. 

Although I don't agree with the way LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami, burning his jersey, swearing at him, and wishing him harm was a little extreme, and this is something that happens time and time again. We let our fanhood get in the way of realizing that athletes are people and this is their job. 

  • The NFL Punishment System 
Image Source: LM Otero, The Associated Press

Innocent until proven guilty does not apply in the NFL. Comissioner Roger Goodell has made it clear that the punishment he doles out to players for a variety of alleged wrongdoings is inconsistent and unpredictable, and he doesn't need to have any proof to cast judgement. 

From Tom Brady's Deflategate suspension to a year-long ban of Adam "Pacman" Jones to LeSean McCoy seemingly getting a pass so far for the alleged beating of an ex-girlfriend, there are no clear guidelines or methods to his madness. 

Follow Along with Me As I Go From #10 to #1! 

I hope you will enjoy reading and participating in this series as much as I will enjoy writing it. Please follow along with me and let me know what you hate about sports!