I am very shocking When I know we can earn a dogecoin by the activity when I hear this news first I am shocked very much and do not understand it because I am work on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram due to long time but we get nothing by the activity.

Due to these reason I am very shocked but I can carry my work on this site like Tipestry it is the other social media platform but difference is present it give us a reward on our post and on our activity likes Following, Comments, Like and Dislike, Share and save

When I can get some money from the Tipestry so I am feel very happy and my courage is increase and I am continuously start work on the Tipestry.

Here we get money in the form of the three coin

Dogecoin its withdraw is very easy 1st come in turstwallet after we can transfer it to the exchange sites

Dogecoin cash its withdraw is not easy its come to turstwallet and listed on Pancakeswap it is need the fees to convert into other currencies

POM it is same as the dogecoin cash

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