Lovely book with my favourite chocolate is more than a bliss today 

I had my chocolate sometime ago and I am reading this book since a few days .

Reading is something that gives you so many advantages. Firstly, it keeps you engaged when you have no other work to do. Secondly, it boosts up your mood when your day went off. Thirdly, someone or something inspires you while reading, it can be either the author or the character of that book or both. Fourthly, it improves your language and writing skills. Fifthly, you can travel to so many places while sitting at one place only. The description of the place is described in such a way that you can picturize yourself of that described place. Lastly, if you read before sleeping, you will have a peaceful sleep and when you get up in the morning, your day begins with smile.

Reading boosts you up and engage it when you have peak work tension or workload. So guys, all those who still don't have this habit of reading, try it. It may be a bit hard in the beginning, but once when you get habituated, you can never leave it.