Today, a common problem in individuals is the lack of B12. This writing is the reason why I have experienced this problem because of my writing.

Beginning with infancy it is possible to solve this situation seen in young and old people. You can get rid of the problem by going down to the source of the problem.

The 5 most important symptoms of vitamin B 12 deficiency are as follows : 

  1.  Fatigue

The first indication of the presence of B12 deficiency is fatigue and malaise.

According to this, you will lie in the morning during the day, and if your body is exhausted and your mod is low, you may have missed B12. Just like the phones that give the battery a weak alarm, you feel like you are in a closed mode.

One of the functions of B12 is related to this energy. Our cells need vitamin B12 to convert carbohydrate to glucose. In the absence of this, we can not achieve this transformation and cause our cells to remain without energy.

2. Constant Tension and Stress

A contribution of B12 is on our nervous system.

Accordingly, our nervous system continues to function more actively and positively. Those who appear to be missing B12 can experience tension, stress, and restlessness because the nervous system can not work regularly.

The individual is living in a constant state of distress and under normal communication with the environment. This situation, which is experienced in people with B12 deficiency, makes them noticeable.

3. Waking in the Body

The lack of B12 also has a bodily repertoire. According to this statement, it will be easier for you to know yourself.

In people with missing B12, the body starts to fade.

The reason for this swelling in the body is that the red blood cells are not produced adequately as a result of the lack of B12. These vitamins support the formation of significant red blood cells. In your absence, your skin starts to fade.

Another symptom is the formation of cracks on the tongue. According to this, our language is reacting to the lack of B12.

4. Memory weakness and lack of concentration

Maybe it's one of the things most people have not realized. Those with B12 deficiencies can no longer concentrate on the work they do as they did before, and experience memory problems.

We mentioned the cause in one of the few previous articles. The nervous system to which B12 is assisted and the brain can not perform as well as the former because of this lack. That's why the yield and performance of the person is falling.

We can think of vitamin B12 as gasoline put in the car. We can not do absolutely nothing in the absence of it.

If you often use cues such as "What am I going to say?" Or "When did I say that?", Your lack of problems may have begun

5. Weakness and Weakness Status

Finally, a condition seen in B12 patients is weakness and persistent weakness.

People do not change their eating habits, but they lose weight and lose weight. If you are not doing diet or any other weight loss exercise, this is a B12 deficiency indication.

In addition, if this is the size that will cause changes in your appetite, you can get the source of the problem more easily by having appropriate blood tests.

You should try to look at the doctor and take precautions before the weakness affects you in the next dimension. Otherwise, you can cause difficult problems to solve.


Seafood, egg yolks, skimmed milk and products, meat, chicken, fish, bananas, carrots, cabbage are among the foods containing B12. You can often consume them and avoid the progress of the situation without going to the doctor.

Also, when you go to your doctor, you will need to give needle or medication. In the market you will be given a medicine called "Benexol" or a needle called "Dodex" for the treatment of this deficiency.

If you do not disrupt your treatment in this way, you will be able to resolve any potential problems without progress.