Venezuela is going through the worst economic crisis with more than 1000% inflation. But many Venezuelan players in the community can still have fun and get some money. In some games it was normal to change the local currency of the game for dollars, so it did not have a big impact within the community of players.

A good player must always respect the rules of a game. But currently, Venezuelans have violated one of the most fundamental rules (exchange game money for real money). This is very reimbursable for Venezuelans, but not very profitable for the community. This has created a xenophobia against Venezuelans, who are accused and forbidden.

A game that allows you 3 dollars per hour, seems impossible?

It is true that I have verified this, we are talking about players who can earn up to 30 dollars per day, much more than a minimum salary in Venezuela. (Which is 10 dollars per month)

Currently the RuneScape community is attacking Venezuelans, they have even published a Article called: How to detect a Venezuelan. The intention with this action is simple (suspend the permanent account of the Venezuelan user).

Why do RuneScape users make this decision?

I would say because they sell the local currency of the game to other players. These buyers have an advantage for those who can not buy. However, as I said, many users defended that Venezuelans who say they sell the local currency do not harm anyone.

I will mention 2 games where you can get money with a lot of dedication.

Easy money does not exist, only those players who have a good time or years playing can get great rewards for a game, so if you are an inexperienced user in games, do not think it will be as simple as creating an account and start to win.


It is a 2D game that currently pays 12$ for every 250 Tibia coins. Prices may vary depending on the rise or fall of the euro. Administrators do not pay much attention to what users do with the game's money. You could say that its sale is allowed.


This is the best and what I recommend, but xenophobia is strong, and if you decide to enter the world of RuneScape, look for guides to avoid losing your account and lose all your effort. Experienced players can earn 30$ per day.

Other games that may interest you

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  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • World of Warcraft