Welcome to the Happy Moan-Day Christmas Edition

The official contest will be suspended until January 6th, 2020, but I will be giving out full upvotes and a total of 200 SCR in prizes for the best Christmas and New Years comments or especially links that are provided to your special holiday blogs. The prizes over the next two weeks will be awarded using the same 3 place tier system as the regular Happy Moan-Day blogs but the scoring will be based more on how the community reacts to the comment or blog. Thus those comments and blogs that receive more positive replies and upvotes will be the most likely to win a prize, but I still retain the right to confer with other community members and to make final decisions on the winners.

This week will be the Christmas Edition so post a link to your special Christmas Blog below or write a Christmas message in the comments. I will be reserving most of my upvotes for the two weeks for these blogs and special comments and I will strive to give 50% to 100% upvotes wherever possible. The more comments and upvotes that you receive from other members the better your chances of winning a prize this week!

Christmas Week Prizes

1st place will receive 50 SCR

2nd place will receive 30 SCR

3rd place will receive 20 SCR

So start writing your Christmas blogs and comments today and tell us about your own Christmas or about what Christmas means to you. You should also include something sports related, like the games you watched on television or the games you played with family and friends over the holidays just so that we keep Scorum sports centered.


  1. Say something about Christmas
  2. Say something about sports
  3. Post what you want to say here or provide a link in the comments.
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**********The Winner Of Last Weeks Contest**********

stanley received the full 200 SCR in prize money for this entry

"Happy Moan Day - Shakhtar Donetsk Misses Golden Opportunity"

It is my prayer today that every member of Scorum and especially all of you who support the Happy Moan-Day contest have a very Merry Christmas!