The dream of granted immortality,

Nothing could create an afterlife!

A way of living on depravity,

Change the world and lead a daily life.

Created by eternal disbelief.

His soul and dreams become a gothic fiction,

The dream of life and death without belief,

The root of evil like a black magician.

Dream about the life of new temptation.

A world for granted immortality,

Need a scientific explanation,

Sing the song of old depravity.

The children gathered on their own subconscious,

To see a world of pain and disbelief,

Betrayed and haunted by the doubting Thomas,

The gates of heaven had a great belief.

Simply offer me a voice unseen.

I sing the songs of peace and fascination,

An angel on the wings of Peter bien,

Dream a scientific explanation.

Depending on a true hallucination!

To change the life of human consciousness,

Wander through a world of inspiration,

Feel protected by the doubting Thomas.

Any sort of superhero fiction.

A dream or haunted by the words unseen,

Without a feeling like an old magician,

Looking through the eyes of Peter bien.

A hundred thousand years of fortune telling.

About the dreams that never could awaken,

Travel through a state of mind possessing,

Face the world without an explanation.

On my mind becomes a waking life,

Surrounded by the light of horror fiction.

A vision from an evil afterlife,

Looking through the eyes of superstition.

Salvation from an ancient revelation.

Peace of mind and looking like a fairy,

The world is haunted by a strange temptation,

Without the fear of being ordinary.