While i wrote my previous post on scorum to cash exchange i was fascinated about how big can scorum can be in coming future.

Yesterday i Gathered my dev's on a weekly meeting round and gave them resources @vlad gave me for api and other stuffs.

We have agreed on working on it from monday and i have as well told my devs to put in on a priority list. Most possibly in 2 weeks as per planned we can be able to receive depostis of scorum and withdrawl  in our fiasteem system.

But as said most of the backend jobs are done on our platform but the designer is taking more time than assumed for the front end designing the system will come live only after 25-30 days.

Hoping our initiative will help scorum grow more in future and people will trade scr for cash.

i am also setting up my witness server for scorum as we want to contrubute for block production .  i hope i get good votes for witness


vote for witness =--------> pranishg 

How to vote for witness ?

Read this  ------> article by @jotmax  --- wallet made my kennybll