My School Interhouse Sport Competition.

I never really partake in sports activities as a kid not because I ain't interested or anything like that but cause I was a shy kid and my teachers and assigned sports prefects thought that I can't be good in sports because I was chubby.

I hate while trying to join a sports group the sport perfect or designated teacher for that group gives me the questioning look "can you do it"? These were one of the reasons I just don't bother partaking in sports.

Until during one school inter-house sports competition, when my Physical and health education (P.H.E) teacher, Mr. Mike was made the white house sports supervisor. Before I forget to mention in my school every one belongs to different houses: white, blue, red and yellow houses. I, myself was a member of the White House.

Mr. Mike makes sure everyone in house partake in something and I was able to partake in an inter-house sports competition at last.

I partook in the match pass competition and was among the leads. White house (my house) ended up carrying the best in match pass competition and won the title. My interest in sports became ignited and I was able to learn that I can partake in any sport competition I want to.

No child should be limited to sports activities. Every child deserves that right to partake in their desired sports.

Thanks for reading. I remain @prechyrukky