My planet is very polluted. Lithium concentration is high at the surface and carbon-monoxide level is getting low, the exact opposite of what we need. We need these two elements to survive in our planet. Too much Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide is bad for the planet inhabitants. We are “Bots”.

The Great Saints (planet governing body) are working to come up with a solution. There had been a buzz that we may have to recharge our planet with electromagnetic radiation from other planets in our solar system.

Once, I even overheard my Patron secretly discussing with one of the assistants in the Great Saints’ office that three planets were already selected. The assistant explained why the Great Saints want to go to three planets from three different solar systems. The need of electromagnetic radiation in our planet is so huge that we may suck up all the planets in our solar system. The buzz was real. Shit was happening.

I am called ugly coz i look different. I don’t know why a different bot like me is outcasted. Beyond my logic. No other young bots wanted to befriend me except “Chooza”. Chooza looks like me. I was made with two wheels connected by a metal box from a scrapyard. The “bots” from well-enough groups were made from glass and diamond without any colour. They shine and emit radiation in 549 db frequency range.

I am outcasted by others because I emit very low frequency. And, I am clunky and yet notoriously flashy with metal pieces attached all over to stabilize two wheels. A typical bot-body in our planet has one wheel with a little noob. I never liked my two wheels. But, because I have two wheels, I roll much faster than other bots. Others were fragile, and I was durable. I am always rolling to avoid the bullying since the day my patron activated me.

Chooza was confident that we were destined for something bigger. I doubted. How could young bots with two – Yes with f**in’ two wheels – can possibly do something big. (* F**in’ is a swear word and can lead to a punishment of cleaning frequencies. Worst thing ever in our planet.)

My patron told me I was made this way coz my previous owners left me in a junkyard when they realized I cannot be raised with regular bots. I never had confidence to mingle with regular bots as they teased me for having an extra wheel.

One day after “Ethereum” cleaning sessions Chooza secretly told me that the Great Saints’ office was recruiting bots to test new frequencies in our national research lab. That was once in a lifetime opportunity for bots like us. We could at once get rid of all the bullying we face. We might well be selected for rebranding with glass and diamond, and be regular bots.

We went in for the recruitment. After the initial screening the selectors told us to wait in the room. During the test, they told us to show how fast can we roll with our two wheels. Chooza and I both outperformed the regular bots. This was the first time in our life we were happy for having two wheels. We were selected for the mission our planet was preparing for.

Our planet was in dire need of electromagnetic radiation of 600 hz and lower as we polluted all the radiation that was available in our planet. There were three other planets that could provide us the radiation we needed. Our scientist bots were not sure the actual radiation quantity in those three planets and were planning to send bots to measure.

Galactium was the planet in our solar system. Earth and 23YR were the other two planets in a different solar system. All three planets had alien consciousness that we were trying to communicate. The mission was still unsuccessful as these planets use a different frequency to communicate. Galactium was much advanced but Earth and 23YR were still using primitive tech like 5G.

Chooza and I were selected for mission to earth inhabited by “hoo-mans”. They were funny looking creatures made up of very fragile elements unlike metals. They don’t have wheels. So funny. I can’t think how they would live their life without wheels.

We were supposed to add a special metal box in us. The box would give us technical details and GPS signals that we would need for our mission.

When we were waiting for mechanic bots to perform a welding operation, Chooza accidentally rolled on the other side of screen from where we were standing.While trying to balance he accidentally pushed a button.

What the ***. The button released very low frequency of magnesium waves. These waves could destroy almost any planets in our system and could lower our bodywaves so that we are transported in seconds to other planets. I tried to move quickly but could not save ourselves from being directly transported to Earth.

Earth was very unusual. There were different shades of colours everywhere unlike ours. I could interact with so many variations of frequencies. Some frequencies were low and some were high. There were unusual solar radiation abundant on the surface. The metal that we were made of was everywhere. I wondered why all the metal bodies on Earth are dead. Funny thing is, all the metal bots were not of the same size and shape. They were very different. They had wheels like ours but the numbers varied. Some were two-wheelers like us, some had three, four, eight to 18 wheels.

I was wondering how these “hoo-mans” knew how we were made of. I could see exact replica of Chooza and I. Hoo-mans called them mo-bikes. Ha, creepy fuckers. The hoo-man species seems to enjoy interacting with bots like us. One thing I noticed, the bots were not conscious. The could not talk, feel or think. I tried to emit frequency to contact the bots. They were not responsive. It was very unusual.

I tried to download the technical knowledge and GPS signals that were injected in our metal box. Alas, they were not working. Foocking Chooza, he did this to us. He could have just be patient while in the experiment room. We were not able to roll on our own on Earth.

I did not know what to do.

While I was waiting, I received a familiar sounding frequency trying to contact me. I gelled the waves. It was coming from a very tiny piece of device made up of glass and aluminium. It was emitting the right frequency of wavelength that i was able to pick. I replied with nano-frequency.

The device was accessible. Their security protection was not very good. It seems they were using block-chain technique to power up their pocket size device. Hoo-mans were trying to foray in this tech but we have been using that for a long time.

We were not able to roll on our own. We were there near a scrap yard with similar looking bots. Through the pocket sized device, I was able to access information that all two-wheelers bots were gathering for a special occasion. The name of the gathering was “A Freaky Friday Event”. I don’t know why they came up with that name :\

But, since that was an event for bots that looked like us we thought something would happen . A hoo-man came from nowhere. He looked at us and seems to mistaken us with regular earth-bots. He looked into our metal box. He looked at our bot-body for a long time. Then, he came up with a very unusual looking element and put that in our metal box. I connected back to the pocket-bot. The element was called “petrol” and hoo-mans used it to make bots roll. How primitive? But at this point, that’s what i needed. I wanted to roll again and function normally.

The hoo-man patron who fixed us then decided to roll us to a new location. Funnily enough, we were taken to Freaky Friday Bot Gathering. We were hoping if we would be able to find ways to communicate to our planet. We were desperate.

There were almost 30 bots like us. Very unusual, all the bots were controlled by hoo-mans. There were thousands of other hoo-mans there looking at bots. I don’t know why bots are so oppressed in this planet. I wonder.

Then, we were asked to roll together. I looked at Chooza. We both had hoo-mans riding us. This was the first time in our lives that we had someone on top of us. We did not know what to do. Other bots started to roll and kept speeding. We were behind. The hoo-man with me was squeezing my ears. What a dod.

Then Chooza told me that may be we were supposed to roll faster and go run past other bots. Come on, we had been doing that all our life. Roll away from other bots. Chooza and I rolled faster. As always, I was the fastest.

The hoo-man on top waves his hands a lot after I rolled faster than other bots. They then took us to a nice looking space with shiny machines. It was very similar to our research room. Chooza and I were looking for opportunities to message back home but we were not able to find right frequencies in this planet. The planet was not equipped with the advanced technology that would fix the frequency generators we have in us.

After that day, the hoo-mans always asked us to roll in those gatherings. I am almost always the fasted but some days I let Chooza be the fastest. After all we are from the same planet and childhood friends.

This is the photograph of the hoo-man who rolls alongside me.

This is our 45th bot event and we are still the fastest rollers. By Earth definition, we are here for two years and hoping to receive a frequency from our planet. It’s been so long I no longer want to roll. But I don’t want this hoo-man to lose.

This blog-storyline is posted here to be submitted to the Freaky Friday competition organized by @pete. The link to this week's contest is here.