In the summer, you want to spend as much time as possible on the air: on a vacation at sea, in the mountains or on weekends, on a river, in a forest or at a cottage. In any case, prolonged exposure to the sun can adversely affect your hair.

Summer is a wonderful time! We all look forward to the bright sun, warm breeze, trips to the sea and to the country! All this is beautiful, but it is during the summer period that we notice that our hair has become dry, dull, with split ends. Read more: Combined hair care.

It turns out that the bright rays of the sun, sea water can negatively affect the hair. But if you know the basic rules of hair care in the summer, you can save the shine and shine of curls even in this hot time.

Avoid beauty treatments in the summer

Refrain from chemical treatments for hair and dyeing in the summer to keep your hair from serious damage and excessive dryness. Our advice: Avoid intense staining in the summer, whether in the cabin or at home. If you really want to dye your hair, try doing it a few months before the sun starts to burn strongly.

Deep conditioning for sun-dried hair

While you are in the sun, your hair also burns, so do not forget to restore them later using an air conditioner. Choose one that matches the texture and type of your hair.

Prefer summer shampoo with almond oil

If you use shampoo every day to wash your hair, it actually does more harm than good. Too frequent use of the shampoo can dry your scalp and hair even more. If your scalp is sweating quickly, then your hair will become oily and sweaty.

Trim hair to avoid split ends in summer

Have you ever wondered why there are even more split ends in summertime? This is because the tips of your hair in the summer are damaged even more due to over-drying and the action of the sun's rays. This is, of course, bad for your hair, and does not look aesthetically pleasing, especially if you are trying to keep them healthy and look good at the same time. Summer is the perfect time to afford a new haircut, but if you don’t want to change your hairstyle, make a minimal trimming that will help get rid of split ends and bring your hair back to life.

Bathing hair care

With the arrival of the summer heat, everyone wants to plunge into the pleasant coolness of the water and relax! But few people know that washing your hair with shampoo, before going swimming, can damage your hair. High chlorine content in water deprives your hair of all protective oils, which makes them more vulnerable to other chemicals and salts in water. But as soon as you are out of the pool, then just use a mild shampoo to remove any harmful effects of chlorine and other substances that may be in the pool, river or sea water.

Avoid heat to prevent hair damage in summer

The sun is already giving too much heat to your hair, so avoid additional heat as much as you can. Do not immediately grab a hair dryer to dry your hair, but rather wash your hair half an hour earlier so that they dry in air. Avoid the use of rectifiers and electric rollers in the summer, and let your hair be natural during this period of time.

So, follow these hair care tips to easily endure summer heat and keep your hair healthy and delightful even at the peak of heat. If you have your own tricks that help you keep your hair in great shape during the summer heat, do not forget to share them in the comments.

Hair is one of the main decorations of each girl, which requires special care. Learn how to protect your hair from the sun and moisture in the summer, without using a lot of effort and money.

Cover your head

Wear a hat or kerchief when you are under the scorching sun. This will help not only protect your hair from ultraviolet rays, but also prevent tangling of curls under the influence of the wind.

Do simple hairstyles

Such an uncomplicated hairstyle, as a sloppy braid is ideal in order to minimize the effects of the sun. It is not necessary to collect the hair in a tight tail or a bundle, since such styling can harm your hair, especially for owners of dry hair. The fact is that they stretch and tear the hair, which, of course, adversely affects their condition.

My head less often

Do not wash your hair with shampoo every day in the summer. No matter how soft it is - it dries the already dry scalp. After a pool or a beach, just washing your hair with warm water is enough.

Forget about hair dryer

Try to blow-dry your hair as rarely as possible, this also makes them dry and brittle. Let the summer they dry naturally in the room.

Moisturize hair

During your stay on the beach, use indelible sprays to moisturize hair. Such tools can be purchased at any cosmetic store, and you can make your own by mixing a few drops of avocado oil, aloe vera oil with water.

Use cosmetic oils

Use coconut oil or shea butter to moisturize hair after washing. Apply it to the ends so that the hair is not greasy. If you have dry hair, it is better to apply oil over the entire length.

Use comb instead of comb

As you know, wet hair is most susceptible to damage. To comb them, use a wooden comb, because the comb with rubber teeth often stretch and tear the hair.

Why does hair need sun protection?

The living part of the hair that is capable of regeneration is located under the scalp. This means that damaged strands cannot be repaired by themselves. Therefore, in the sun need intensive cosmetic hair care.

UV-A and UV-B rays deform the protective layers of the hair and the internal structure. They break protein bonds. The locks become weak and dry, lose luster and elasticity.

Ultraviolet negative effect on the scalp. Overheating disrupts the blood flow to the follicles, which can even lead to hair loss.

The color fades in the sun. Blondes, brunettes and red do not recommend to be in direct rays for more than 10 minutes, chestnut strands will withstand up to 15 minutes. Burnout is also relevant for girls with dyed hair. Therefore, take protective measures in advance: stock up on shampoos, lotions and hats.

Hair protection in summer

To protect hair during holidays in hot countries, at sea or in the ocean, you should follow some rules:

Every time after swimming in the sea or chlorinated pool water, rinse your hair with fresh running water. After the procedure, it is desirable to apply a protective lotion to the hair.

After washing your hair, try to dry your hair naturally.

Use a natural bristle brush or a sparse comb for combing.

Do not forget about special balms and shampoos that contain "UV" protection.

Headgear should always be with you. This will protect both your hair and yourself from sunstroke.

Hair problems and methods of their care

Problems of the scalp in the summer are often due to the increased activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands. In order to avoid these inconveniences, it is enough to frequent the washing of the head with the use of an air conditioner. There are special products for hair, designed for each season individually. Do not use the same cosmetic at different times of the year.

Dry and normal hair during hot time requires the use of soft shampoos. Note that the use of heavy air conditioners is not desirable in this case.

Owners of oily and normal hair will be perfect shampoo based on citrus and light conditioner. Do not believe the statements that conditioner is not used on greasy hair. This is not true. The conditioner is necessary for any type of hair. The only caveat is that for each type you need to pick up their own cosmetic.