Hello friends, I am very happy to share one more year of life on this planet, I have always loved the month of my birthday because next to Christmas my favorite time of year, in a week (November 16 to be more specify) I will be 27 years old, and I do not believe it. It sounds like many years and I have to admit that I am a bit frustrated because I have not achieved things that I had raised since I was very young, but due to external situations I have not been able to give myself, such as development and gain experience in my career (Engineering). Living in Venezuela is not easy, as I have already told you.

Normally on my birthdays I do not plan anything; I'm more about planning other birthdays or events; on my birthdays everything has been very spontaneous. More or less since I'm 21 I've had great and fun friends who have made my celebrations memorable, even though some are present on all my birthdays this year the story is different.

It turns out that I no longer have close friends in Venezuela, my friends have been leaving Venezuela because of the crisis, today they have their lives made out of the country.

What do I like the most about this year?

Truth to travel; I took a sabbatical year and I could go to several places in my Venezuela, I must admit that I have a great travel and adventure companion, having someone adventurous by your side is a blessing and one of the best things that has happened to me, I have I know a lot more about the idiosyncrasy of the Venezuelans and I had a great time in a very simple way.

This year, because I have been focused on resting my mind I have managed to work a little my health and I have exercised almost since the beginning of the year, this point I feel excellent and I am forming the habit of exercising daily, something great since last year I had a somewhat complicated lung health situation.

This year I have been able to share much more with my family and every moment I have marked them in my memory, now I understand that if I am born again and they give me to choose the same family, despite the adversities and defects for me, it is the best world.

I have dedicated myself to doing craft courses, I never thought that I would like them as much as I ended up liking them and I have focused much more on my emotional level, because if you are well with yourself that is noticeable and many people feel it. I have learned to appreciate the little things much more thanks to the intense crisis that Venezuela is going through and that is something that has marked me, I am sure for life. It has been a year of growth in many aspects.

My Top: best birthday

I have many fun and different birthdays, I have had birthdays where I have been with many people and others practically alone alone, my favorite birthday top are these:

The picnic in the park

This was a little idea of ​​mine, I was 21 years old, that day was great, I shared with my friends and sister, we ate, everyone brought something to share, we laughed a lot, we took some pictures, it was a different day, I remember that day with a lot of affection even though those who are in the picture almost none is already in Venezuela.

Wine tasting

One night of drinking different wines, the best gift of my friends, they know that I like wine very much and I am very fanatical about the elaboration processes of it, of this day I do not have photos, but the memories are great, it was a great detail.

Pizza night

This photo gives me a lot of nostalgia, in it most people are not in Venezuela anymore, that night we ate a lot of pizza, it was at my house and the truth is great, we share a lot!

A forgotten birthday

This is a bit sad but funny, because in the university where I studied there were many problems and the classes stopped for months, then everyone including me looking for a job or something to do to occupy the time, then I remember that on that birthday I fell between week, if I received congratulations but almost everyone was busy working, then spend the day in boring work, to my surprise my mom took me a piece of cake to work, it made me very happy, so do not spend my day without celebrating it so be it a very small way.

My first birthday working in a city cafe

The first year of the two that lasts working in Macchiato coffee, a coffee in my city, I was already in the last semester of my career, it was a very fun birthday, mix friends from college and friends from work, the result was great, the incredible pass that day.

Second year working in the cafe

This place welcomed me in the best way, I met great people, they were more than two years working in that place, they were always retailers not only with me but with all the workers, this was the last year, also the great pass, many beautiful people and good vibes, I went out in the night with friends, less and less but grateful for the company, I know that this year will be different in the friends aspect, but in the end I think that year after year I have been learning new things and I feel a better person in many ways. Thanks for everything. Tell me what your favorite birthday was or the best surprise you have been given!