I rarely, if ever, watch the talking heads on CNN, however I was pondering something the other day. . .Could you imagine if CNN or MSM started announcing sporting events and used the same commentary and racial propaganda that they use now. What would that sound like? Every time I catch a glimpse of these stations they seem to be creating a problem that is no where near the magnitude they make it out to be. I can tell you one thing, I am a white male american, and I could really care less about any race. If things don't effect my day to day then it's not even something I think about. Racism at the magnitude that it is reinforced in the media is actually complete horseshit. Are there really racist people? Yes. Are they a very small percentage of the overall population? Yes. Do people of certain races get profiled? Yes. Do they often get profiled by people who are the same race as them? Yes. . .

Anyhow, enough with that. . .

Lets get down to how CNN reporters would call a baseball. football, or hockey game using their same thinking process. Here are a few lines I can think of:

"He gunned him out at home!" - "OMG Gene, what have you said!" "Did you join the NRA?!"

"and what about that Rodriguez going over the wall for that catch?" - "Seriously Gene? Over the wall?"

“There is blood on that Blackhawks jersey. Just another insult to native Americans”

“The black batter steps to the plate, the Mexican is in the on deck circle. The white pitcher has hit 4 black batters this year”

“A hard hit by the black linebacker who sacked the white QB”

“The white pitcher beaned the Mexican batter in the head”

" A gang of white linebackers demolished the black running back" " Boy, they are gonna have some explaining to do. Looks like there is gonna be a protest" "Racial tensions in football are NEVER gonna end."

Anyhow, I think you guys get the point. Enough already with MSM creating racism and fueling it. IMHO, most people AREN'T racist! Having MSM broadcast sporting events with the same level of disrespect they use to keep fueling racial division in this country would shed a great light on the ridiculous nature of the machine that lives to keep racial tension alive.

Maybe I'm wrong, who knows? But this is the way I feel.

If I don't like you, it's because I don't like you. Not because your skin color or ethnicity. Quite frankly, I think most people would agree with me. . .