New hope for members of the Bitcoin community ?

The most popular and most important cryptocurrency could reach a new historic high according to Brandt. While the BTC reached 20,000 $ in mid-December 2017, its price has recorded a strong downward trend over the last year. This depreciation discouraged many investors who placed their hopes in the BTC following the impressive performance of end 2017.

The BTC has been able to climb slowly and has jumped 200% since December 2018. Its value was around 13,750 $ in June 2019.

Brand and Pal think "a high probability of success"

The head of Global Macro has focused on the many critical issues such as high interest rates, rising debt and Europe's slow economic growth relative to America.

Brandt also shared a table showing the price fluctuation of bitcoin published by Raoul Pal. The two men seem to comfort themselves in their remarks to evoke Bitcoin under the best auspices.

The tweet focused on one question, how fast will Bitcoin reach a new record ?

Results from previous years show that each parabolic growth is longer over time and can last for several months.

If Bitcoin wants to surpass its last historic high, it will have to know a rise of 104% in the months to come.

What do you think of Peter Brandt's upbeat tweet about Bitcoin ? Will the fourth parabolic phase come in the near future? Tell us in the comments below.

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