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people have this reoccurring nightmare that there's something some force that's got ahold of them and it's holding them down and they can't break free no matter what they do they can't breathe free from that force well I'm here to tell you that that thing in your nightmare that thing that's holding you back that thing that's dragging you down that thing is you there are two fundamental attitudes toward life and its sorrows those with the first attitude blaming the world those with the second as what they could do differently it's much easier and much more gratifying to your basest desires to blame someone else for your misery you know what's so funny we want people to make guarantees to us but we're not willing to make guarantees to ourselves that's the problem with some of you you always want to blame other people you owe you an explanation you need to look at yourself in the mirror and say why are you only giving 50% what's wrong with you you need to put your stuff on funny you need to tell you no more TV no more snacks no more desserts you know we work it out now you need to tell you that you owe you something every day I demand more for myself than anybody else could humanly expect I'm not competing with somebody else one computer one capable of my number one competition is me it's always you versusyou you've got to be the one to get upevery morning be disciplined put in the consistent daily hard work because that gains success no coach no trainer no mentor no boss can do it you versus you I value myself enough to give 120% or don't do it there is no excuse but not living up to your full potential norske you walk out of this room all yourself I didn't get here making excuses but change I changed and I stopped being a victim I stopped saying I've gotta wait for good things to happen to me and I said I'm gonna cry I'm going to fight I'm going to work I'm going to press forward I'm going to learn I'm going to do everything in my power every single day to become a Victor not a victim what about what you myself okay nobody stop with me.