Are you interested in stepping up your game from being a casual gambler? Here are some tips to help you enjoy a full gambling session to the fullest.

Online casino session

How First-timers Should Prepare for an Online Casino Session

Online gambling is a great casual entertainment for an hour or less a day thanks to its accessibility. However, some gambling experiences are better if they were longer and have more dedication behind the action. Such an occasion is the essence of playing a full gambling session and you should try it every once in a while.

Before you do, you must first make some preparations. Full-blown gambling sessions are different from casual gaming. This activity revolves around winning a target profit while also simply enjoying gambling as an experience. Here is how you prepare for such a session:

Choose a game to play throughout the session

An online gambling session can take between 3 hours or more depending on what you’re trying to achieve. If the goal is to win a profit then you should play a live casino online Philippines game like baccarat, blackjack, poker, or roulette. Table games have a higher chance of winning consistently compared to titles that are reliant on random number generators (RNG).

Use a bankroll management method

Stick to even money bets (1:1) as much as possible. Consistency is essential for long-term gambling. This is especially true if you’re going to use a bankroll management strategy. You have many options for this including but not limited to the following examples:

Martingale system

Double your stakes for the next bet each time you lose. This way, you win back all your losses in one turn. The Martingale system uses the principle that no matter how many times you lose, you’re bound to win the next round eventually. Once you win, reset the stake back to the minimum size.

D’Alambert system

Decide on a minimum bet and count it as one unit. Start betting equal only to one unit then add another unit every time you lose. If you win, subtract one unit from the total wager unless it’s already at the minimum. Thus, it works like the Martingale system but the increase and decrease of the stakes are more gradual.

Labouchere method

Decide on a target profit then distribute it to seven or ten segments of a sequence. Every time you bet, you use the sum of the first and last segments as the size of the stakes. Add that sum to the end of the sequence then try again but this time, it’s now the final segment. If you win, cross out both segments then use the sum of the new first and last parts of the sequence as the bet size. Do this until there are no more segments remaining.

Set a time limit for your session

As stated, gambling sessions generally take only around 3 hours and some can even push for 4 or 5. That is the average time that most gamblers are willing to dedicate but there are some people who prefer pushing for longer hours. Some players can even go as far as 6 hours on a high roller poker game, too.

If you don’t like playing for a long time in one sitting, then dedicate two or three separate sessions that are 3 hours each at different times of the day. Just remember to set the timer for yourself and stick to it. Once your time is up, then you should stop playing until your next scheduled session. This is a practice of discipline and you can use your time effectively if you follow it through.

Declare a goal profit before starting the session

Whether or not you’re using the Labouchere method, you must always have a target profit. The safest way to decide on this is to scale it with the size of your starting bankroll. For example, if you plan on gambling €500 then you can declare €500 as your goal. That means you stop your gambling session whether you lose or earn €500 while playing.

The time limit you choose for yourself is important for when you take too long without ending on either reaching your target profit or depleting your budget. If you don’t want to end your gambling session after ending with a profit, then consider playing a few more rounds. However, limit your budget only to the excess of cash won. This is your new budget so you don’t spend a cent of your profit.

Check out some slot games to play on the side

If you’re on a roll and feel lucky enough to win two games at the same time, then try playing another title. Many of the best online casinos support multi tasking so even if you’re engaged in a live casino online Philippines, you can also play another one. Bombay Club, for example, lets you place bets on more than one table at once.

Alternatively, you can set games like slots and Plinko on autoplay while you’re focusing on a live table game. These are only some of the best ideas you can employ even as a newbie. Explore all the options your casino offers and see how much you can stand to win in a single session.