Chess Boxing is a good game which can really help both our mind and body making us competitive in both physically and mentally. This kind of sports is a mixture of chess game and boxing, making it a hybrid kind of sports.

Chess Boxing match - Image Source

 It originates from a French comic book and was turned into an official idea and then a kind sports. Chess boxing is now popular on most countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, Kingdom and Russia.

This kind of sport has a total of 11 rounds wherein 6 rounds are allocated on chess and 5 rounds for boxing. Each of those rounds will last for three minutes, making chess with a total playtime of 18 minutes while boxing has a total 15 minutes.

In a chess boxing match there are many options in winning against your opponent. In chess part you need to defeat your opponent with checkmate, your opponent exceeds the allocated time, inactivity or your opponent concedes. In boxing part, you may win with knockout, technical knockout or opponent resigns.

Chess Boxing Match - Image Source

In order to excel in this type of sports you need to have a strong skills on both boxing and chess. World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO) is formed with associated members : Chess Boxing Club Berlin (CBCB) , Chess Boxing Organisation of India (CBOI), Chess Boxing Organisation of Iran (CBOIR), Italian Chess Boxing Federation (FISP), China Chessboxing (CBCN), USA Chessboxing, Russian Chess Boxing Organisation, Mexican Chess Boxing Organisation and Spain chess boxing.

Aside from World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO) there is also World Chess Boxing Association (WCBA) which also recognized this kind of sports. Current members of WCBA : UK Chessboxing Association, Russian Chessboxing Organisation, Italian Chessboxing Federation and panish Chessboxing Association.

I am hoping my country Philippines will adopt this kind of sports since many great players on both chess and boxing. A one of a kind opportunity for an athlete to excel in this kind of sports.

What do you think about this kind of sports? Can this be beneficial if implemented to all countries? As for it is really a great type of sports that should be promoted globally.