The Serbians really did play well against Argentina in the first round of quarter-finals where we can see how close the game was. Bogdan Bogdanovic keeps the Serbians alive with his three-points. And aside from that he really works his very best to take some opportunities to make it to the basket in the perimeter area but Argentina's tight defense really forbid him to do so. That's why Serbian's big men such as Nikola Jokic mostly do the work in the keyhole area.

Argentina's Luca Vildoza really put the Serbians to headache as he effectively shooting from anywhere. He effectively being used during the crucial game and contributed so much even played with lesser time. But what makes Argentina stronger is Luís Scola who did some couple ball possession with his rebounds and aggressiveness.

Argentina was able to take the lead in the first half but the Serbians almost overtake their score in the third quarter. What really keeps the game interesting is when Marko Guduric takes a successful three-point shot in the fourth quarter which the Serbians reverse the flow of the game. But the guys from Argentina are shooting hot which really nailed the score of the Serbians.

Now that the Serbians lost the game, they will face a more difficult team and that is Team USA.