As I can remember Jai-alai during my childhood years, it was a betting sport where it competes with 10 players and each of those players represents a number. The building where Jai-alai games are held is just a walking distance to where I lived in, so it would be easy for my father and uncle to visit the place and witness the actual game.

Only adults are able to enter the premises and by that, I do not have the chance to actually see the actual game inside but what I can see always is the external part of the building where I see it frequently every time I'm on my way to school. The structural design of the building is really awesome and impressive as it looks like.

Luckily there is still some old image on the internet of the Jai-alai building that I am referring to. The picture is quite deteriorating, probably it was captured a long time ago.

Jai-alai de Cebu - Image Source

Every day, my parent buy daily issues of Jai-alai tips so they could come up with a number to bet based on the computation guide. I too make some bet that time even though I am not allowed since I'm still a kid during the time of popularity of Jai-alai, but still I manage to negotiate my adult friend that time to allow me to make bet.

What really makes my interest to do some betting is that when you manage to win in perfect three number combination, your bet will be multiplied fifty times. Even if you get it in any number combination, you will still win your bet but a much lower. How amazing is that if you manage to win where you can buy what you want instantly.

Many people are getting addicted to such betting game and not knowing that they have already lost much money. But in my own perspective, as long as people are happy with what they do then there is no negative in it, as long as they enjoy life.

Jai-alai Tips - Image Source

There are many newsstands that time that sells Jai-alai Daily Guide Tips. If you are a newbie in such betting sports game, you will find it really difficult to understand, where you can see many number combinations in it.

I really missed this betting game that I was not able to see the actual game inside the Jai-alai building. Today, Jai-alai building is totally a messed where it is more like an abandoned building.

Jai-alai de Cebu Today - Image Source

Jai-alai sports in Cebu is totally forgotten that I don't see anyone plays it anymore. I once dream that I will have my chance to play such an amazing game and that I could have my very own number. And it seems that those ambition has vanished alongside with the forgotten game.