It is really great that they have official inform public on Olympic mascot this coming Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Both of those mascots are really amazing to see in which they are really cute watch and that both of those mascots more likely designed based on our technology.

Mascots Miraitowa and Someity are both smiling to the cheering crowd in the Japanese capital. This can be a great advance promotion for the Olympics and that it can help generate effective marketing with such cuddly promotional mascots.

These two futuristic Olympic mascots really represent the culture in Japan. Miraitowa, the blue-checked mascot represents the Japanese word "future and eternity" and while Someity, the pink-checked mascot represents "so mighty" and also symbolizes cherry blossom.

They have defined that these two mascot has their own superpowers, Miraitowa who possesses magical powers where he can instantly go anywhere he likes in just an instant while Someity has really powerful powers which she used when needed. The two mascots have different traits and behavior, Miraitowa who is very athletic and has a strong sense of justice while Someity is really calm.

Mascot Selection

Short List Tokyo 2020 Mascots - Image Source

Before the Olympic organizers come up with official Tokyo Olympic 2020 mascots, there are six overall mascots were shortlisted. Mascots being voted by children in primary schools, where each of them has a single vote to cast. They decided to let the children choose the official Olympic mascot since they represent the future of Tokyo.

Aside from the selection of mascot, they also came up with a selection of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Logo, where around 14,000 designers have a chance to submit their entries and be selected by the committee for best designs. Still, the committee is really careful about selecting submitted designs to avoid trademark and plagiarism where they consult with trademark professionals.

It will be an exciting Olympics this coming in 2020 and I am looking forward to it. What do you think about the mascot, are they the best mascot for the upcoming Olympics? Hope to see some comments and opinions about this.