A naive and perky girl, scout Ordo Favonius. Thanks to her excellent glider control, she became the three-time flight champion of Mondstadt. As a rising star of the Ordo Favonius, Amber is always ready for any challenge.

Amber has an athletic build. She has golden eyes and fair skin. She ties her long dark brown hair with a red bandana, the raised ends of which resemble rabbit ears.

She is dressed in short leather shorts, a white shirt, a gold-trimmed Ordo Favonius corset belt and a short red hooded jacket. She also wears high white boots, red knee socks and leather gloves with red accents. The outfit is complemented by a leather belt with bags. A small square bag on her left side is adorned with a keyring, her Pyro with the Eye of God, to which is attached a pair of bright scarlet feathers.

Birthday: August 10

Age: 18 (based on the manga)

Height: 5'1 ″ / 157.3 cm (estimate based on in-game comparison)