As the current commander of the Ordo Favonius, the Jean (Dandelion Knight) is always committed to her duty to keep the peace in Mondstadt. Of course, she is not the most gifted fighter, but her diligence and conscientiousness made her one of the most reliable knights of the order. The Jean took action long before the Storm Dread attacked Mondstadt. She vowed to protect this city with her life.

The Jean is a tall, athletic girl with blond hair, blue-gray eyes, and fair skin.

She is dressed in a tight-fitting white jumpsuit embroidered with gold symbols and diamond-shaped patterns along the legs, over which she wears a long blue tailcoat and a short black and gold cloak with blue lining. The outfit is complemented by white boots, a black belt and black gloves. The genie is armed with a silver-blue sword with a golden hilt, made in the form of open bird wings and decorated with a blue stone.

Birthday: March 14

Age: 20-21 (Roughly based on players' assumptions that she is slightly younger than Diluc, whom she calls Senpai, as he used to be her boss in the Knights of Favonius)

Height: 5'6 ″ / 169 cm (estimate based on in-game comparison)