It's me

-Your name and age?

Hello everyone, Myself Sahil Gupta and I'm 24 years old.

-A country where you reside now?

I'm living in India.

-Your area of work or your study?

I'm a student and I'm studying master of commerce.

-Your experience with crypto?

I'm totally new on Scorum platform and have no experience with cryptocurrencies.

-Your hobby, passion and dislikes?

My hobbies are playing online shooting games and reading books. I like hanging out with friends. I don't like people with negative vibes.

-What kind of posts are you looking for by others?

I'm looking here for informative posts which can help me to grow.

-What sort of posts do you think you'll be posting (these can change, so don't feel locked in.)?

I need to acquire more knowledge about steemit ecosystem and blogging.

-How you found Scorum and what you hope to accomplish here?

I found about Scorum through Google search.

And I hope to stay here for a long time and learn more about Scorum.