Introduce, my username @sanelirichard, you can contact me on a Facebook account https://www.facebook.com/catatanrimba or twitter https://twitter.com/mus_arhan.


I have joined several blockchain platform blogs. And it can be said that I always get the failure due to boredom and boredom. I know, in writing there must be high confidence to produce good writing quality. The lack of themes and differences in my hobbies with the platform resulted in me quitting faster.

I have studied scorum before I join here. I have been a silent reader for the previous few weeks. Sports themes, especially football, are my favorites. I know I can't play football but on the other hand, I'm also happy to get news about it.

In the scorum I want to share various kinds of information about football. This is special for me when it can give positive value to the scorum user. The football for me is a universal activity.

Bay the way, I am very grateful to my friends and role models, bang @dsatria. On the advice and support, he has largely established me to join Scorum.

Source : @dsatria account

So, to all scorum users, please accept my presence as a scorum.

Thank You